Finish Slow!

At this point in the year there is a lot of talk about finishing STRONG! Which is fine and great if you have some good momentum and direction. Not so great if you are in a WTF is next place. The finish strong end-of-the-year push makes me so anxious I almost need a paper bag to breathe. It's not that I don't have ideas etc...but just half ass doing something at the last minute because it's the END of the YEAR is stupid. And bad for your business' reputation.  

Which is why my motto for the next three weeks is finish slow. How? Don't push, rush, or try to beat the other guy to get that sale. I'm going to wrap up my year by completing my current commitments, gathering necessary documents for taxes, throwing out old files when the new year starts I'll really have a clean slate, a fresh perspective, and the energy to keep be productive. I'm also going to enjoy the holiday season instead of stressing about sales. 

I'm also going to do some dreaming. If you're like me you have BIG ideas and sometimes very little idea of how to accomplish them. I'll be taking these three weeks to plan the coming 52. What do I want for my business. What projects would I like to accomplish. In what ways would I like my business to grow. Clarity begets manifestation. 

 The tree in my yard is deciduous. It loses all of its leaves by or on Thanksgiving day. This year it didn't. It's late, but the tree doesn't know that. The tree is taking the time it needs to go through its growth cycle. You aren't late for anything either. Maybe this year it took a little longer than you expected. That's fine. You're timing, like my tree's, is perfect. 

Heres to an enjoyable 3 weeks of gathering ideas, completion, and finishing slow.  

You're timing is perfect.  

You're timing is perfect.  


Perspective, arguably one of the most important qualities each individual person possess. You're perspectives are shaped by your experiences, which shape your view on the world. Simple. What about when your perspective hinders your business growth, but you don't know it? That's what I want to tackle today. Many business owners think social media is an unprovable, undefinablewaste of time. Which is not the case.  Are you super resistant to social media? Be honest. Maybe it's not a them issue, maybe it's a you issue. Our perception of something can often influence our experience with it. 
I'll be the first to admit, social media is NOT the easy game it was 5 years ago. It's gotten harder. That doesn't mean it isn't a worth while business tool. In fact, I think that makes it even more worthwhile. 

Why? Because the more people use something, the more refined it will become. That's what we're seeing happen in social media. Refinement. Which means you need to up level your game, in order to stay relevant. Change your perspective about social media. It's not the platform that's the issue, it's your approach to the platform. GET CREATIVE. Invest real time into growing your audience. 

Do you hold a lot of negative perceptions about social media? Do you find yourself saying well MY people aren't on social media. Reality check YES THEY ARE. 1.7 Billion people are on Facebook alone. Your people are there. Do you find yourself thinking: The last thing I tried didn't work, so this clearly is all crap. Take an honest look at what you did. Was it one post, with no follow up. Or do you post once every few weeks? How about an ad, that maybe didn't have the best image/copy and therefore didn't get the engagement you were hoping for. 

OR are you using Social Media as your own personal advertising station? NEWS FLASH, that is NOT what it is. NO ONE wants to be advertised to. If that's how you are using social media, take a step back and reevaluate your usage. 

There are a number of reasons your social media isn't working as you hoped. Maybe you are on the wrong platform for your audience. Do a little digging about network demographics (I did a search for you). Look into your profile insights. Are you followers the people in your target market? Maybe your target market isn't who you thought it was. 

Get CURIOUS about social media. And if you need to, take a break, use it for pleasure for a while to get a real feel for what drives engagement.

I'm saying all of this out of love, and some frustration. I see entlreprenueser all the time frustrated and confused by social media because of 2 reasons: lack of knowledge and lack of patience with themselves and the system.  If you need more training, don't shy away from it. Get it. I want to take a moment to invite you to sample a module from my newest course: Social Media Start Up - it's free, take a look. This video is about managing your time around social media for maximum impact and efficiency.  WATCH IT HERE and if you like what you see and want to learn how to use all the social networks - or if you know you need this training click HERE and get access right now. It doesn't do you or your business any good to remain confused about these great tools. 

I look at it this way. Social Media is tool, like a screwdriver. You don't know how to use the screwdriver, and it's my job to teach you. Then, you can use it to build things. But before that can happen, you have to learn how to use it the right way. Maybe you just want to tighten one screw, maybe you want to build a house...but without that one key tool, you won't get far. 

Let's shift our perspective, get curious about what we don't know, and get creative about social media. You'll see how much it impacts your experience. 

On the GO!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Yes, Ferris was correct. Life does move fast. Why am I using this particular quote in reference to social media? Social media is 24/7 - which is why I always recommend scheduling your posts so you don't have to be online ALL the time.

Even with scheduling, you aren't ALWAYS at your desktop computer. Instead of getting on the web browser on your smart phone (if you don't have one, I think it's an imperative business tool) and logging into your accounts - which is, let's face it a time consuming pain in the you-know-what - get mobile apps that allow you to seamlessly work on the go. Plus, you won't miss anything while you're away from your desk. 

These apps are my favorites for getting work done on the go!

Facebook Pages allows you to get access to your Facebook Page with out the distraction of seeing your personal facebook news feed. Which, if you're like me, is very distracting. The app allows you to create posts, view notifications, reply to comments, boost posts, and view insights. 

Hootsuite App gives you access to everything your desktop Hootsuite account does. You can post, schedule, view feeds etc. Which is helpful if you are wondering if you scheduled a post, or what kind of response it's receiving. 

MC Snap App - this is from MailChimp and allows you to create quick, simple emails on the go. I love it because it gives you enough space for 1 great image, a caption and text. Which forces me to keep it simple and to the point. Check your email provider for their mobile app. I know constant contact has one. It's more for viewing emails, than creating, but that's still helpful. 

These are the Apps I love, but I recommend that you find the mobile apps for the social media networks that you use the most. The bottom line is that you find the apps that streamline your process. Don't automatically think that the profiles you use aren't available in mobile. Everything is increasingly moving to a mobile platform. Do yourself a favor and check before you decide your favorite network isn't mobile friendly.

It's summer, you don't want to be stuck at your computer. Download these mobile apps so you can stay connected to your audience on the go!

Until next time, 

Be the Diva! : ) RosaLinda