What's trending go to do with it?

Unless you're living under a rock, you know Valentine's Day is a little over a week away. So, what's that got to do with you and your business? Everything. In social media what ever is popular or trending is useful to you. It's hard to know in advance what is going to be trending, unless of course there's an upcoming holiday, sporting event, televised award ceremony etc. That's when you can capitalize on the trending topic and use its momentum to your advantage. In these moments the hashtag is your friend. Find an authentic way to weave the trending topic into your post and ALWAYS remember your hashtag. For instance I could post Where's the #LOVE? Or What does #Valentine's Day have to do with my business? as the post intro to this blog entry. Then my post, which really has very little to do with the actual Valentine's Day is now part of a greater conversation happening around that holiday. 

Try it. If anything it'll be good experience, but I bet you'll get a few more tweets, and likes. 


Until next time, 

Diva, signing off -