Curate...the art of...finding stuff?

You'll notice the word Curate a lot when you search in the social media marketing world. What does it mean? According to the dictionary it means:

Curate Definition.

But what does it mean in relation to how it's being used today? It's a word thrown around a lot. I recently saw a boutique touting that they curate the latest Fall items just for you! Umm...Ok. Thanks? Doesn't it just mean to find? Actually, no. It means, in relation to how it's being used in marketing today, that items are selected based on a specific audience in mind. That these images, stories, clothing items were selected based on a set of criteria to fulfill a need, desire, or void. It's more intentional than just happening upon something. You searched through many piles, found, and compiled a list of X for X audience. And you know what? When you curate, your content links together, rather than being sporadic. It could even have a theme. Doesn't it feel more special to say I curated this, rather than I found it? 

Some great places to curate content  

Even if you don't curate clothing for a boutique, maybe think about curating content for your social media profiles. It'll reframe your time online searching for and compiling content to share with your audience. Go forth and curate. 

Happy Curating!

RosaLinda aka The Diva

p.s.  Here's a link To The Complete Social Media Dictionary from Top Dog Social Media.