Finish Slow!

At this point in the year there is a lot of talk about finishing STRONG! Which is fine and great if you have some good momentum and direction. Not so great if you are in a WTF is next place. The finish strong end-of-the-year push makes me so anxious I almost need a paper bag to breathe. It's not that I don't have ideas etc...but just half ass doing something at the last minute because it's the END of the YEAR is stupid. And bad for your business' reputation.  

Which is why my motto for the next three weeks is finish slow. How? Don't push, rush, or try to beat the other guy to get that sale. I'm going to wrap up my year by completing my current commitments, gathering necessary documents for taxes, throwing out old files when the new year starts I'll really have a clean slate, a fresh perspective, and the energy to keep be productive. I'm also going to enjoy the holiday season instead of stressing about sales. 

I'm also going to do some dreaming. If you're like me you have BIG ideas and sometimes very little idea of how to accomplish them. I'll be taking these three weeks to plan the coming 52. What do I want for my business. What projects would I like to accomplish. In what ways would I like my business to grow. Clarity begets manifestation. 

 The tree in my yard is deciduous. It loses all of its leaves by or on Thanksgiving day. This year it didn't. It's late, but the tree doesn't know that. The tree is taking the time it needs to go through its growth cycle. You aren't late for anything either. Maybe this year it took a little longer than you expected. That's fine. You're timing, like my tree's, is perfect. 

Heres to an enjoyable 3 weeks of gathering ideas, completion, and finishing slow.  

You're timing is perfect.  

You're timing is perfect.