On the GO!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Yes, Ferris was correct. Life does move fast. Why am I using this particular quote in reference to social media? Social media is 24/7 - which is why I always recommend scheduling your posts so you don't have to be online ALL the time.

Even with scheduling, you aren't ALWAYS at your desktop computer. Instead of getting on the web browser on your smart phone (if you don't have one, I think it's an imperative business tool) and logging into your accounts - which is, let's face it a time consuming pain in the you-know-what - get mobile apps that allow you to seamlessly work on the go. Plus, you won't miss anything while you're away from your desk. 

These apps are my favorites for getting work done on the go!

Facebook Pages allows you to get access to your Facebook Page with out the distraction of seeing your personal facebook news feed. Which, if you're like me, is very distracting. The app allows you to create posts, view notifications, reply to comments, boost posts, and view insights. 

Hootsuite App gives you access to everything your desktop Hootsuite account does. You can post, schedule, view feeds etc. Which is helpful if you are wondering if you scheduled a post, or what kind of response it's receiving. 

MC Snap App - this is from MailChimp and allows you to create quick, simple emails on the go. I love it because it gives you enough space for 1 great image, a caption and text. Which forces me to keep it simple and to the point. Check your email provider for their mobile app. I know constant contact has one. It's more for viewing emails, than creating, but that's still helpful. 

These are the Apps I love, but I recommend that you find the mobile apps for the social media networks that you use the most. The bottom line is that you find the apps that streamline your process. Don't automatically think that the profiles you use aren't available in mobile. Everything is increasingly moving to a mobile platform. Do yourself a favor and check before you decide your favorite network isn't mobile friendly.

It's summer, you don't want to be stuck at your computer. Download these mobile apps so you can stay connected to your audience on the go!

Until next time, 

Be the Diva! : ) RosaLinda