How to talk about yourself online...without being creepy.

Do you feel awkward talking about yourself online? You don't want to look like the ego maniac, or creepy, or HOW do you do it? Authenticity. It sounds almost too easy, right? Let me guid you through a series of quick brainstorming questions. 

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What puts a smile on your face - in your business and life?
  • Is there a product or service you are particularity excited about? Describe how it makes you feel with 5 adjectives.
  • Describe your ideal client/customer with 5 adjectives - fun, creative, easygoing, collaborative...

Craft a simpel bio from your answers and voila an Authentic, NOT boring bio that isn't creepy, cheesy, or bland. 

Remember talking about yourself ALL the time is BORING! Leave it to your brand ambassadors, aka your super fans. Instead, when you do talk about yourself, (remember the 80/20 rule) refer to your passion for your business or services rather than on your own greatness. We already know you're awesome, remind us why. 

Until next time - Diva on!