Holiday Marketing...start now

I'm not trying to stress you out, or ruin your day. Believe me, no one dislikes advanced December Holiday decorations and entertainment (Oct. 31st for Holiday movies Hallmark, really?)  more than I do. This isn't about me, or my likes/dislikes it's about getting heard in the maelstrom of holiday advertising that is going to start happening very soon - like it or not. 

How can you stay on top of it all? Here are 3 tips to get going.

1.) Print out a calendar for October, November, and December (Click this one)  Important dates: 10/27 (one month to Black Friday), 10/31 Halloween, 11/11 Veterans Day, 11/26 Thanksgiving, 11/27 BLACK FRIDAY, 11/28 Small Business Saturday, 12/01 Cyber Monday, 12/7 Hanukah, 12/18 Star Wars(it's important for some people), 12/22 First Day of Winter, 12/25 Christmas, 12/26 Kwanza, 12/31 NYE and 1/1/16 - the new year is here! Plan out your content. Start talking about a promotion a few weeks before, with reminders every 3 days or so. 

That's just an overview of the known and celebrated dates coming up where you have the opportunity to join the larger conversation, host a sale, market a promotion etc...Always take advantage of already existing events. It makes your job easier. 

2.) Ok. How do you use the holidays/events bloc? Here's an example: #1 Say you teach a craft - you could run an add featuring a simple but on-trend gift people could make - send on 10/25 2 months before Christmas. Giving people a chance to gather supplies, and make the product. Then  in the coming weeks, offer tips about crafting the item, and ask for photos of their progress, maybe who they're making it for, and pics for the final product/a picture of the gift recipient with the item. #2 - You own a shop. You don't have an online store, but you're a small local business. Curate seriously great products for holiday gifts, and promote Small Business Saturday (support your local businesses) entice people in with a great discount, or an awesome free gift. #3 You are a coach, or offer a service of some kind. Offer - with a limited buying window - maybe Cyber Monday - a BIG price break on a service - buy unlimited coaching sessions to use in 2016 - no limit! (just make sure the $ works for you and you aren't in fact, losing money).

3.) Keep things light and festive. Yes, you'll be promoting services, products, etc during this time, but it's not ALL about selling. Not if you want to keep people as followers. You'll need to include what you always do- inspirational quotes, funny stories, curated content that speaks to your brand. Ask questions about what people love, can't stand, look forward to most about the holiday season. Questions are great to engage your audience. If you can bring it back to you - awesome - if not, that's cool too. 

Good luck!