What goodies are in your wheelhouse?

What is a Wheelhouse? Dictionary.com defines it as: (something) within one's area of expertise or interest. I know you're thinking, but social media and marketing aren't in my wheelhouse. What's your point, Divalicious one! Ok, maybe you weren't thinking that last bit. Your wheelhouse can serve you online better than you think. Check out my handy Infographic to see which category you fall into. 

Extroverts! You enjoy communicating and being around people online or in person. Twitter is your happy place. Why? Because it's a mini networking event. You can reach out to untold numbers of people and connect in an authentic way. Youtube is like heaven. It's all about you! Don't be intimidated by the format. Quick videos can help you spread your message without having to sit down and craft a long written blog. Yes, that's why I do my Diva blog intro in video format. Snapchat - may or may not be the best place for your business, because of the young demographic, but for you as an extrovert it's a great place. Snapchat isn't about staging, planning, or endless marketing meetings. Snapchat is unfussy, quick, not perfect images that reflect who you are. Snap a pic of your desk, your current mood, the latte of the day. IF you have a brick and mortar business Yelp, is a great place for you to connect with happy and...unhappy customers and build a great connection. Don't be afraid of unhappy customers. Just think of them as a great opportunity to convert them into super fans! Extrovert, you're totally up for that challenge. 

Introverts! You thrive on having time to reflect, listening to others, forming opinions and planning your next move. At first glance, Facebook may not seem the most intuitive fit, but it is. Facebook is all about storytelling, sharing ideas, and connecting. Unlike Twitter, though, Facebook is a bit more passive. you post, fans interact. You can also like, comment, and share as your business page, giving your page more personality. As a business, Facebook allows you to craft stories, highlight customer experiences, shine light on things you and your customers love without having to be on ALL the time! Plus, you can schedule your Facebook posts in advance! Winning!! Instagram is perfect for creatives who love creating and taking pictures. Instagram is for slick, designed with intention, and purpose driven images. Plan away! If taking the afternoon to set up the perfect tablescape is your idea of a great time, then Instagram is your happy place. Pinterest, is also a great place if you aren't too into taking picture. You can find and share - something you love to do - ideas, recipes, images, crafts, inspiration etc..with your audience.

The bottom line is, find the things you already enjoy doing: connecting with people, taking beautiful photographs, telling stories...and do that! 

If you happen to be like me, an Intro-Extrovert, do it ALL!! Maybe not, pick your favorites and focus your attention in those areas. And most importantly of all...have FUN! This ride isn't worth it if you're miserable. 

Until next time. Diva on, RosaLinda